How to start an essay - tips by

How to start an essay - tips by

By michaelwilson1 at 2022-10-23
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To begin writing the abstract is necessary with the introduction. This part of the essay is a description of the entire paper. You should explain why the topic is important for science and society, and why it might be of interest to other studies.

Maybe your paper reveals an important problem in contemporary society. For example, the high level of aggression on the Internet, the high rate of depression among young people, the low level of education across the country, etc.

Always try to ask yourself what will be useful for your work. From this question you will be able to find all the answers.

The introduction takes about 1-1.5 pages of your essay. This is also where you should define:

Purpose and objectives of the study

The object and subject of the work.

That is, you must explain why you need your abstract at all. For example: "The purpose of this work is to find out what led to the formation of democracy in Russia. At the same time, the objectives of the goal represent the stages of its achievement. For example, for our goal we can distinguish the following tasks:

To consider the rudiments of democracy development in the Soviet period

To identify the preconditions for democracy

To consider the birth of democracy in the post-Soviet period

To analyze the current state of democracy in the Russian Federation

Thus, you will be able to write an essay if you actually explain the research topic for yourself in the introduction.

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