Sixth grade girls bathroom.

Sixth grade girls bathroom.

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today, it is very annoying. It may be a cloudy and cloudy day. Maybe it is a long time for my wife to take part in the business trip.
That's right. Every day thirsty, chicken bar is still inexplicable impulse, it is more difficult to bear is that all the girls in bud
They can't keep up with their short skirts that can't keep pace with them. Sometimes, when they pick their erasers, they brazen their butts to
. I'm chagrin at me.

snowy little underwear often covers their tight legs, and the white underwear is shred into a line,
Light brown short fuzz, flesh colored lips slightly open, pink tender meat squeezing a seam, lean on my chicken bar,
The hot top of trousers can not be inserted, but how do I teach? Girls use different
. My eyes stared at me, I was so embarrassed.

I am full of their little nun, but I am a teacher! I'm very contradictory, and I've come to my
In the bathroom of the grade six female student, the boy bathroom sewer has been broken for several days. Today is Saturday. The student in residence is
. All of them went home. I deliberately let the old Wu Wu of the logistics shed water for me. I wanted to wash away my troubles with hot water. No,
. The airplanes were put and put on people's savings.

the bathroom door is half open, and there seems to be some noise. "Lao Wu is so thoughtful. "I carry the bath bag,
Pushing the door into the dressing room outside the shower, taking off the T-shirt and shorts, I looked at my dark, sturdy
. The big penis with obvious blue veins feels a bit sorry. It has been plugged in all kinds of waves, and it can be said that it has been
for a long time. The battlefield can be half a month without women. Sorry! My baby。

I walked around the shower with my swollen testicles and big glans.

tender! My big chicken, first call the police. The penis grows thicker and slightly curved straight up, big
. The glans went straight to my navel, and the heat rose outward.

in the steam covered bathroom, under the dim light of the yellow light, two white and small bodies that just sprouted their breasts
Body, twisting, thin thin pubic hair, a girl bent over her back, rubbing bath liquid on her leg, a snow
The tender and tender face of the white powder is just staring at me, and the big chicken is pointing in that direction.

"Miss Liu, I'm sorry!" I took my cousin to bathe, I... Ah... Mr. Liu, how do you have
I'm afraid... One of the girls, who saw me coming in, was flurry of excuses. She even forgot about her body,
Only then did I notice the most prominent part of my body, staring at it, unable to speak for a moment, only to cover
with my hand. Between the legs and the small breasts.

turned out to be my student, so I was calm, the handbag was slightly blocked, and the face rose, "you are beautiful
. The representative of the class should know the discipline of the school. How can you sneak into the bathroom? How do you say I should
? Dispose of you? My art class represents Xiao Xue. At the age of twelve, she is a beautiful girl in the class. She will dress up,
. People are still good, I want to scare to frighten her.

, "my cousin has just returned from Australia. I just showed her around the school. I didn't expect to go to
." This is the bathroom. When I see the door open, my sister wants to wash her bath here, and the teacher will not do it next time. "

only then did I notice that the little girl who had just butt me up, her flaxen hair and skin and snow were white,
The eyes are big, the lips are slightly thick, slightly upward, and the chin is sharp, slightly convex under the belly, a pinch of three
. Angular Brown pubic hair. The pudendum is raised and clamped by a pink seam. She is not very tall, but her breasts are
. Her father is better than her sister, apparently a half breed. My chicken bar can't help but stir up a few.

, teacher, are we allowed to put on our clothes? "

"Oh, but not yet. Do you realize your mistake?" "

"know, teacher!" "

"well, do you know what to do? "I said with a smile."

"teacher... The little snow looked at me.

, "teacher, teach you to finish a homework. You can go away after you finish it. I took a step forward and put my arm around her shoulder
The big erect penis erected on the little soft breast of little snow, the face of little snow blushed, pink
Color, like her little nipples. Xiao Xue was very worried and opened up my big penis,
"Teacher, itching... Does it take a long time to do the homework? "

"come and hold him. He's your homework. How long does it take to see you? "I brought her hand to
Here, put it on the chicken bar, gently gather up her hair, and put her face on my hot penis.

"teacher, there is water? "In the mouth of my big glans, there is a stream of egg whites and a little
. The snow's face felt sticky.

, "Xiao Xue, you are so good. It's fine now. In a moment, the soup will be poured out and the homework will be done." Oh... "
I rubbed the chicken bar lightly on the little snow lips and held him open her moist lips into her warm
. In the mouth。

little snow's lips like a small brush on the tight and small tongue of the penis, so that the glans will have an itchy

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Just hold him and push her moist lips into her warm
. In the mouth。

little snow's lips like a small brush on the tight and small tongue of the penis, so that the glans will have an itchy
. Feeling. All of a sudden, there was a feeling of damp heat and itching in my asshole. The half blood cousin,
, had been neglected. Add my little tongue to my asshole.

, "sister, I helped you with your homework. What did I see in my Australian TV? "
Her whole face was buried between my legs, and her hair was wet and wet, and her tongue was drilled
. Into my anus, my asshole itch and shrink tightly, and the penis appears to burst.

"uncle, do you itch?" When the TV is finished, you need your big chicken to plug in here to finish your homework,
. It is! "Little cousin," he said, pulling his pubic pudendum out with his hands to reveal the powder
like two petals. The small labia.

I can't stand it...

"you know more. He's my teacher. I'll come first! "Snow, full of red face, slightly shy to say.

I never thought that I could have some good things in my life, so that my big penis could be fulfilled,
Enjoy the delicious food!

I put snow on my back bed and pulled the bed under the shower. I gently separated the double
with snow. Leg, with a finger in her thick and smooth pudendum, little hairs, little hairs, smooth hair like
Cooked chicken egg white, with a faint papaya fragrance, I use my fingers to separate her pudendum from the bottom up, her labia majora
Narrow and tight, pink, little cave is just a small crack.

I used my fingers to make a circle around her vagina, and the little snow was torn with intoxication. The joint of the labia was gradually warping up
. From the beginning, the milk colored crystal bean peas out the pink tender meat, the slippery slippery water starts to emerge from the small hole, small
The snow clasped my ass and my nails almost into my flesh. Her legs were clamped up to my waist, and her water was Pucking up to
. Arch.

I used my hand to move back from the glans to the root of the chicken bar. The foreskin went back to the bottom and the glans looked huge, like a
. A shiny hammer with a bright red color. I put the glans penis shallow into the labia, gently friction, labia contains
With the back of the glans, he pushed the tender meat up and down.

little snow lover's nose is getting heavier and heavier. My butt is suddenly sinking. "Porphyrin", big chicken bar, water in
Over half of Wang's tenderness, "ah... Nausea... "The body of the little snow is fierce, and its face is full of
. Color, legs tighten, turn to one side, "pain..." The teacher hurts... "

"good snow, no pain, a little while, you will be very cool, really do not deceive you, come on, I am lighter, continue,
Nausea... Nausea... "I put her shank on her shoulders and clasp it. The big penis pumped
to the piston. Moving up, the acupoints were a little bit painful. Fortunately, the water was rushing, and I was rushing fiercely, crazy, porphyrin, porphyrin,
. Porphyrin... "Splash of water, snow on the buttocks, my legs wanton flow.

the pain of little snow has not disappeared. She trembles and trembles. Her pubic hair is wet and sticky. The more
she is It is the pain of crying, the more exciting I am, and the swelling of the penis is supporting the small tenderness into a circle of tightly clamped oak
on the big chicken bar. Skin ring, "Oh, hiss..." Oh, nausea... "

I am more forcefully, my buttocks are thrilled, and my asshole is tightly clamped. "Yin
" The stalks pulled out vigorously, then they raised their waist to raise the cross. The big chicken bar was deeply inserted into the pink, tender, damp, warm, warm
. Friction. The penis feels her licking. "Oh, oh..." "

"teacher's dick big! It's rough. I'll insert a little deeper... Clamps, rumps... Oh, mash it to the end... "
I felt the glans touch the slippery bullets. It seemed to suck the glans at once. "Oh... The rump! "

, "hold on to me," the teacher forced me to insert me with a big dick. Nausea... Oh... Choking... Choking... Teacher Dick
Ok... Nausea... Big... Big... The rump of the rump I... My force is the teacher, teacher, fast, force...
Nausea... Ah. Ah, ah... Teacher, teacher, ma... Hemp... No way... No way... Fast...
Fast... Ah... Ah... Oh, oh... Ah... Ah... "

little snow strong twist, forced to tighten more tightly, and arched waist, Yin has my scrotum violent collision, she
The snow-white buttocks make a "snap"... "Violent rhythm, and then her legs and hands were tightly locked by iron hoops,
Then the whole body was cold and stiff. I felt that the big penis was rotated and tightened and sucked, and suddenly clenched tightly,
A hot and humid Yin spout on my glans. "Cool," snow, all red, two or three
. After ten seconds, she was paralyzed, "cool!" "Xiao Xue took a deep breath and moaned like a mosquito.

I pulled out a huge penis, wet and shiny, and I still had some blood streaks. Only then did I see the relaxed
of snow. There was light blood on the snow-white thighs, almost washed by the shower. It's a little virgin, and I'm not only more
A sense of glory. I accept it


That's right. It's a little virgin, and I'm not only more
A sense of glory. My line of sight was attracted to the next shower by the groaning of the tender voice,
. The little cousin of the hair unexpectedly put a soap in between her legs, trembling and twisting, and shower under the same rain,
Her small pink nipple is proud and proud.

my dick doubled, and I came over my little cousin. I lay down on the massage bed and let her fork
. I opened my legs and knelt on my head with my big dick on the top of my head, and the moist pink face stretched out in front of me,
. I put my tongue in her pink tender meat, white as the snow, fat and soft, and the labia minora was
. Like a little wing, it expands, opens up, is red, and has almost no wrinkles. It is like a rectangular snow and white steamed
. Steamed bread, cut a knife from the middle, exposing the pink jam jam inside, I buried my mouth deeply between her legs,
Greedy, digging with her tongue, allowed to suck into her little cave, and felt the tender and slippery soup of the tremella. I used my nose to
. Deep breathing in the mouth of the vagina...

I am crazy about eating on the top. My bottom is endless enjoyment. Xiao Xue and her little cousin are fighting for
with their tongue. My big penis, like a kitten's little tongue, licked my pubic hair smoothly and smoothly, and put an egg
in it. In the mouth, one like eating ice lolly, with the tip of the tongue along the middle line of the penis, from the root to the lash of the glans.

then the two men simultaneously put the tongue in the glans groove, stir up the glans with the tongue upwards, and hold the penis
with both hands. You licked me in one bite, and put the tongue into the small mouth of the glans. When they set my penis
When I swallow my mouth, my glans reach my throat and my wet lips suck, I can't bear it any more.

I picked up my little cousin and kept her shrinking. The little babbling of the water was pointing at my penis and putting her glans on her head to make her
. I sat down in the bottom. My little cousin was very light. I asked her to squatting up and down like a character toy, thin
. The big penis was inserted in the middle of the small thigh, and it was clear that the pink lips were backed up.

little cousin is becoming more and more skilled. She twists her little buttocks, her lips are loose and tight, and the little tender force is
. There is a kind of rotary suction, the damp water that makes my eggs soak, the "porphyrin, porphyrin,
" of her force. Porphyrin... "As the voice grew louder and louder, the voice of her little cousin was getting louder and louder, and her obseboid breast was
. Go up and down, also have rhythmic beat.

"itching, itching!" Well, rough and thick, my little force is fast cracking. Choking... Oh, my tenderness
Is not tender, tight not tight, uncle, small and nun forced you to insert the cool uncomfortable? Oh, I, hard, rump, my little tender, oh,
Nausea... "

my dick is more like a piston, pulling faster and faster. I hug my little cousin's waist and swing madly, slowing down
The little snow was gently licking my wet sticky egg. I need to be more crazy. I pick up my little cousin,
. Back to me, I kneeled down, the tall, round, snow-white little buttocks, the water levees and the small mouth spitting
In front of me, I waited for my big penis.

I took a big gun in my hand and wandering several times between the glans of my glans and her asshole and holes. Then, "
" Chirp... It was deep in. She was like a lovely puppy. I grabbed it hard and beat her snow-white fart
. Stock, let "crack" sound for my accompaniment.

"crackling!" Crackling, crackling, crackling... "

"Oh... Ah, rump me... Ah... Nausea... Oh Oh Oh Ah... Oh, oh... Oh... "

"nausea..." My rump! "
" is a big penis that needs to be inserted. Get up your own meat stick. My eggs beat wildly at my little cousin's little clitoris, big dick wet dripping, powder
. The young man was in a convulsion and trembling. My whole body's passion was concentrated on the big phallus. The glans were
of the body. The excitement was a strong provocative.

I took a deep breath, tightened my asshole and pulled out the big penis, and I held it around my little cousin's head. The snow also made her face
. Before I could grab my big glans, I felt like an electric contact, a mighty torrent from the heel to the top of my head, and then to the lower abdomen
. Concentrated on the roots of the big penis, two eggs were excited to the root of the penis, I grabbed the little cousin's braids,
A quick way to pick up a dick with her hands, two little girls' wet mouths, and their tiny mouths open, and
who are very closed. Eyes...

"Oh... Nausea... Ah... Vomit, vomit, oh, oh, oh... "Milky white hot semen spray and
Out of the mouth, a strand of fire fell on the eyes of her little cousin and spilled on the nose of the snow. The thick soup was
on the face of her mouth. Flow across and across...

little cousin and Xiao Xue put my soft dick in my mouth and gently breathe...

"nice thick soup..." "The little cousin and the little snow said greedily.

"good your homework is finished, is it good?" "

"cool... "Well, I must tell my mother!" "The little cousin said."

we were surprised.

"my mother, it's beautiful, but


we were surprised.

"my mother is beautiful, but no one makes her happy. Every night, she asks me to lick her tender,
. Then insert the electric penis. My mother is very conservative. She prefers to use tools instead of looking for other men, uncle
. How good are you! I must have you see my beautiful mother! "

I look at this lovely little girl, think of her mother's fat abalone, I hold my big penis laugh
That's right.

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