Netflix & Crackle – news

Netflix & Crackle – news

By groverborme at 2022-08-09
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Today is the day when we bring you hot, fresh news regarding your favourite streaming service. At the same time we though it will be good to remind you that there are other choices (when streaming of video content is concerned) than Netflix, Hulu and iPlayer (all of which are of course fully accessible with our SmartDNS and VPN).

How to unblock Crackle? Before we will move on to Netflix news we thought it will be a good idea to first, remind you about Crackle and also give you quick and simple clues in regard of accessing Crackle from anywhere in the world.

If you are not familiar with the name, fire up your free vpn for chrome, hide IP and change to US IP address. Once your VPN connection is active (BTW: this is one of the way to unblock US VOD sites) simply go to Crackle home page and watch anything you like…

Crackle is free, and like Hulu ad supported. Another great way to unblock Crackle and many more VOD and music sites (in both USA & UK) is SmartDNS. Smart DNS is a special service based on DNS and proxy servers. All you need to do to use the service (after registration) is to change address of the DNS server your device or home router is using. Alternatively you may install our free VPN application for OS X or Windows.

Netflix news! The same way we have just described to unblock access to Crackle you can also unblock the most famous VOD service in the world – Netflix. Beside its current large library of movies, TV shows and documentaries that you can stream to your devices as we speak, Netflix is constantly working on new and exclusive content. Google for Lilyhammer, Orange is the new Black or House of Cards and you will know exactly what we are talking about.

From Dusk Till Dawn – series! We have just learned about new Netflix exclusive content. First is Robert Rodriguez famous “From Dusk till Dawn”. This time it will be 10 episodes long TV show. But there is a catch. This new series will not be available in USA, as rights to show it in US belong to El Ray Network. Don’t worry!!! If you want to watch, all you need to do is to get UK Netflix library access. You can do it via connection to our UK VPN or by changing Netflix region for SmartDNS in “Client area” on our web site. Currently first two episodes are already available to stream!

Grace and Frankie – production starts soon… Let us simply quote Slashgear here:

The show is a single camera comedy that tricks on Grace played by Fonda, and Frankie player by Tomlin facing the final section of their lives.

The two play friends that are throwed together when their husbands announce they are in love with every other and are getting married. The show will be made in 13 half hour episodes by Skydance Productions.

Sounds cool?

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