John Travolta Super Bowl commercial Inside the rec

John Travolta Super Bowl commercial Inside the rec

By seestyle at 2022-08-21
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You're never too old to hand jive.That's one le son John Travolta shows off as he stars in a Super Bowl commercial advertising Scotts and Miracle-Gro. Travolta and Chipper Jones Jersey his daughter, Ella, recreate one of the most famous dances from "Grease," which Travolta starred in more than 40 years ago.The advertisement also features a number of other stars, including Martha Stewart, The Office's Leslie David Baker and NASCAR driver Kyle Busch."Super Bowl for me is a major yearly celebration," Travolta said in a ."When Scotts Miracle-Gro asked me to do an ad for the Super Bowl with my daughter I was thrilled, especially since we were asked to dance together. We had a blast honoring the backyard along with all of these wonderful people, in our 'Sunday Best' for Super Bowl Sunday."MORE: John Travolta Super Kurt Suzuki Jersey Bowl commercialScotts and Miracle-Gro don't waste time playing into the "what a year" narrative, e sentially opening with the idea that the backyard has"had quite a year."Stewart shows up first, tending a garden filled with tomatoes. Just as in "The Office," Baker is the butt Greg Maddux Jersey of a joke, having a golf ball hit off his chest. Then Busch rolls in on a tractor decked out in a No. 18 paint job."It only turns left," Busch cracks about his tractor after cutting it a bit close to some bushes.Finally, Travolta and Ella make their appearance. Travolta's shown trying to set a phone up on a tri-pod for a video. "Dad, it's the other red one," Ella remarks about the record button.Then, they dance. Surface's "Sunday R.A. Dickey Jersey Best" plays as Travolta and Ella do the hand jive.Stewart remarks, "He's still got it." Then Baker warns: "Hey Travoltas, don't be Tikkity Tokking on my gra s."The 45-second spot concludes with Travolta reaching toward the screen to tap an imaginary record button.The commercial, titled "Keep Growing," is specifically advertising "The Orlando Cepeda Jersey Dream Lawn and Garden Giveaway." During the spot, a number (833-835-3535)appears on the screen to text to enter. The winner receives a $15,000 card from Scotts and Miracle-Gro to, as the commercial begins, "keep this backyard thing going."

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