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In order to dispute a Cash App payment you gotta select an issue first. Once the issue is selected, then the dispute is processed under that category. However, if you think that the issue isn’t resolved, then you can go to the tech support sites for help. You can get the issue resolved in a matte

Here is a good thing to use Cash app account, you can use its virtual card to shopping online. You have to do only one thing, simply go to any online store and add items to purchase. After that, go to the payment mode and select debit card option. Now, you ave to put the virtual card number. Now,

You can see the Square app email account here, it basically ends with the or or Even, you can click here to contact customer service for Cash app via email. Make sure, never opt any ordinary email id, which is not listed here. Before going to report any issues

Now, you can see here is a cool feature of Cash app. It launched its Virtual card product, and it gives a virtual Visa debit card number to every user. The users can use this virtual card to spend their balance anywhere that accepts Visa card. Here is one good thing also, if you have only $50, th

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