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How did you change it?

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Try this:

apply plugin: '' android {     signingConfigs {     }     co

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replace app/build.gradle with #1.

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Do you mean to change the font size?

Enter your header name here.

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A bug fix has just been committed.

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You are using the source code of latest master branch in GitHub?

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This is a bug, the new user with empty notification list will show network error always.

Could you give me a screenshot?

I am unable to replicate the problem. 

Yes, but you should change the package name firstly.

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Print your log. 

Use the browser to access the API domain name. It is successful if the content of the browser shows the same as this topic, otherwise check your settings again. 

API is prohibited from being accessed by users. 

API can only be accessed by authenticated client.

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You don't have to do this. 

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That is not the official version.

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Yes, as long as the domain name specified in Dashboard. 

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Just install once. 

Reply to #13 @dareme :

Are you setting up your API domain on the dashboard?

Check again. 

Open and install.

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Try accessing the API domain name in your Android browser and take a screenshot.

There are development plans, but I don't have MacBook or any IOS devices.

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Have you resolve the API domain name?

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public static final String DOMAIN_NAME = "" + WEBSITE_PATH; public static final String MOBILE_DOMAIN_NAME&nbs

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Your IP address.

You can bind the LAN IP of Server as domain name for the API, such as

Just like this.

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