Upgrading Caron-Forum from 3.2.X to 3.3.0

Upgrading Caron-Forum from 3.2.X to 3.3.0

By lincanbin at 2014-11-26
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  • Backup files and databases.

  • Download the latest version form Github and unzip.

  • Delete the install folder that extracts from archive.

  • Modify the config.php file according to the original server settings.

define('ForumLanguage', 'zh-cn');//Language: 'zh-cn' or 'en'
define('DBHost', '');
define('DBName', 'carbon');
define('DBUser', 'root');
define('DBPassword', '');
  • All files uploaded to the server and cover the original files.

  • Modify the Version field of carbon_config table to 3.3.0

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This method has expired! 


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