Need professional advice

Need professional advice

By lana681 at 2023-09-16
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I need to recharge a mobile phone with cryptocurrency, i.e. anonymously and privately. Can you tell me which service or platform I can use to do this? Preferably, this site should be trusted and safe

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Personally, I often make various payments and transfers where I need to maintain my anonymity and privacy. TopUp-Balance helps me out in this situation. If I want to buy a service or recharge a mobile phone, I use their online service. In general, their website specialises mainly in two services, you can Recharge Mobile or Buy Gift Card. Basically you can choose any of the popular operators in the US, Germany and beyond on this site, and then you just have to deposit funds to the account. Of course, payment is only possible in cryptocurrency (Monero, Zcash, etc.).

By the way, they have a very convenient system with gift cards. I have quite a dynamic lifestyle, so I bought an Uber card for myself with bitcoins. But they have lots of other companies in their catalogue besides Uber. If you are interested, here is a link where you can Buy gift card. Highly recommend you


Reply to #1 @angel909090 :

Definitely! This is an incredibly convenient service, as the website will not ask for any personal information or contact details. You don't even have to register if you want - you can top up your mobile phone in just a few clicks without wasting time on other actions. This means that you will be guaranteed complete privacy.

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